Important water survey underway for Glenthorne property

Find out more about the unique survey currently underway on the Glenthorne property which will ensure the central wetland area will have water year-round.

As part of the ecological restoration of the Glenthorne property, works are currently underway to conduct a study to understand water flows on the property.

The work includes a bathymetric survey of the property’s middle dam and measuring water flows onto the property from the main northern catchment area. The bathymetric survey will measure the shape and depth of the dam and provide ecologists with important information including predicting water heights. This will influence the height and construction of boardwalks around the dam and how water will flow downstream to benefit other parts of the property.

The bathymetric survey uses a hyper-accurate GPS – far more precise than a GPS on a mobile phone – and the department’s ‘Q boat’, which is a remote controlled boat equipped with sonar.

The Q boat will map the bottom of the dam using sonar and GPS and produce a 3D picture model of the dam.

Water flows onto the property will be measured by the Department for Environment and Water’s hydrography trailer, which will provide ecologists with important information on rainfall and runoff to inform the design of a potential wetland and creekline at the northern end of the property.

Information collected on water flows will also be used to inform works on the property’s middle dam to restore flows to the lower section of the property.

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