Thousands of plants to transform the Glenthorne Hub

More than 10,000 plants, including 150 mature trees, are bound for Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta.

The plants, which are in addition to those planned for other areas of the park, will help bring to life the vision for the Glenthorne Hub area, a large multi-use space which includes a visitor centre and plenty of landscaped outdoor spaces – perfect for picnics and play.

The vision for the hub landscape includes large patches of sedges lining the creek. Species such as bare twig-rush (Baumea juncea)a native variety of sedge, Cyperus gymnocaulos – a perennial sedge, and Juncus pallidus – a species of rush that is native to southern Australia, will provide important habitat for birds and lizards along the creek.

Patches of drooping sheoak (Allocasuarina verticillata) will also be planted and over time will provide a food source for yellow-tailed black-cockatoos, and add variety to the habitat structure.

Mature trees will add immediate impact around the hub area, including the entrance road.

The plant and trees species selected for the restoration of Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta were chosen to align with the varieties found on the property prior to European colonisation, and in response to climate change and risks such as drought and fire.

The mature trees will be planted once construction within the Glenthorne Hub is complete, with the remaining plants installed over a few months as they become available from nurseries, and the weather conditions are favourable to support their survival.

Some examples of plants you will be able to spot as you enjoy the variety of outdoor spaces within the hub include:

  • golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha)
  • sweet bursaria or Christmas bush (Bursaria spinose) – a small tree or shrub in the family Pittosporaceae
  • river bottlebrush (Callistemon sieberi)
  • sticky hop bush (Dodonaea viscosa)
  • ruby saltbush (Enchylaena tomentose)
  • dryland tea tree (Melaleuca lanceolate)
  • native apricot (Pittosporum angustifolium) – a shrub or small tree growing throughout inland Australia
  • fragrant saltbush (Rhagodia parabolica) – an evergreen shrub
  • small-fruit fan-flower (Scaevola albida)
  • narrow leaf New Holland daisy (Vittadingia blackii) – a small, perennial wildflower
  • kangaroo grass (Themeda triandra) – a perennial tussock-forming grass
  • woolly New Holland daisy (Vittadinia gracilis) – a small erect perennial shrub
  • common bluebell (Wahlenbergia stricta ssp. Stricta) – a perennial herb with soft, linear leaves.

Main image: Golden wattle (courtesy of Beverly Buckley, Pixabay)

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