Site preparation and demolition underway soon at Glenthorne

The Glenthorne property will soon become a hive of activity as site preparation works and building demolition commences in the weeks ahead.

The Glenthorne National Park Master Plan has been finalised, and a detailed implementation plan is almost complete. Priority works, including site preparation and the demolition of buildings, will start as early as next month.

Buildings that have been assessed as unsuitable for reuse due to safety reasons will be demolished. They include the old physiology labs and administration building. The shearing sheds and workshop will be retained.

The Department for Environment and Water has been working closely with the Glenthorne Partnership to ensure this work takes into account the heritage and cultural values of any structures.

The remaining State Heritage Listed structures from the 19th century will form important heritage precincts on the Glenthorne property. View the Artist’s Impression of the heritage precinct and other highlights from the master plan.

Main image: Department for Environment and Water Senior Project Manager Grant Gable.

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