New lookout gives great insights into Glenthorne’s transformation

A new lookout is now open for you to enjoy at Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta, where you can take in the views and learn about the land’s fascinating history and exciting future.

Located approximately 300 m south of the car park, construction for the lookout was completed last week to provide a viewing area of the upcoming major works.

It includes interpretive signage to help visitors understand how the land will be transformed into a central visitor hub, nature playground and walking trails.

As you look around, you will notice the fragments of history that tell the story of some of the people that lived here, including Major Thomas O’Halloran who was the state’s first Police Commissioner and settled the property.

When the visitor hub is up and running, it will be a place where families and communities can explore, play and learn together, just as generations of families have done before them.

Over the coming months a trail network will be constructed linking up key areas of the property.

The network will include trails of different classes to enable people of all ages and abilities to explore Glenthorne.

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