Meet Glenthorne Partnership Member Kersten Stengel

Each edition we’ll introduce you to one of the 13 members of the Glenthorne Partnership who are helping to shape this new national park.

The Glenthorne Partnership was created to provide important community insight, ideas and perspectives, and help make decisions to ensure the park meets community needs and expectations.

The group includes community members with connections to surrounding ‘Friends of Parks’ volunteer groups, the Kaurna community, the City of Marion, the local business association and the local R-12 school.

Hear from Glenthorne Partnership member Kersten Stengel about her connection to the creation of Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta.

‘I am a local community member, living within 5 minutes of Glenthorne. I have a background in Sciences, holding a BSc (Hons) in Applied Biological Sciences and have a keen interest in the natural world and conservation.

‘As an educator I have over 20 years’ experience as both a teacher and leader, most recently with significant responsibilities in STEM Education. I am passionate about inspiring and involving our young people in this exciting project.

‘Along with my science background, industry and educational experience, I am passionate about being involved with and contributing to my local community. For 10 years I was a surf-lifesaver where I was involved in training, assessing and was part of the state jet boat crew. Due to injury I am unable to continue with this and was thrilled to be invited onto the Glenthorne Partnership. I believe my wide range of experiences will allow me to represent the views and interests of a varied cross-section of our community.’

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