Meet Glenthorne Partnership Member John Hoult

Each edition we’ll introduce you to one of the 13 members of the Glenthorne Partnership who are helping to shape this new national park.

The Glenthorne Partnership was created to provide important community insight, ideas and perspectives, and help make decisions to ensure the park meets community needs and expectations.

The group includes community members with connections to surrounding Friends of Parks volunteer groups, the Kaurna community, the City of Marion, the local business association and the local R to 12 school.

Hear from Glenthorne Partnership member John Hoult about his connection to the creation of Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta.

‘I generally enjoyed my working life of four career paths. I moved from the design of electrical services in buildings, to asset management, to procurement and finally to contract management, and along the way I got a degree in economics. All of these required the analysis of needs and the development of concise solutions.

‘Together with my wife, we brought up two boys who were involved with sports, scouting, acting and music. I was also a cub leader for a few years.

‘For several years I walked through O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park and joined the Friends of O’Halloran Hill to give something back. After retirement I increased my involvement. Even though our small group meets just two mornings each week, you can really see the great work we’ve achieved.

‘I welcome the opportunity to become involved in the development of a new park to meet the changing physical and social environment. The national park should provide an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all people irrespective of age and ability. With my life and work experiences, I think I can help to develop new ideas rather than just copying the way things were done last time.’

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