Meet Glenthorne Partnership member Bob Major

Each edition we’ll introduce you to one of the 13 members of the Glenthorne Partnership who are helping to shape this new national park.

The Glenthorne Partnership was created to provide important community insight, ideas and perspectives, and help make decisions to ensure the park meets community needs and expectations.

The group includes community members with connections to surrounding ‘Friends of Parks’ volunteer groups, the Kaurna community, the City of Marion, the local business association and local R-12 school.

Hear from Bob Major about his connection to the creation of Glenthorne National Park:

“I’m a retired geologist and President of the Friends of Hallett Cove Conservation Park, which was established in about 1987. I have been the president ever since. The Minister invited me to join the Glenthorne Partnership as part of my role in the Hallett Cove Friends Group.

Hallett Cove is very important geologically, it holds evidence of the Permian geological period about ~ 290 Million years ago during the ice age.

I started university in 1958 and attended a university excursion at Hallett Cove, which looked very different then. The cliff that we now call the ‘amphitheatre’ extended all the way to the southern part of the cove, which had all of these shacks which ran from the southern end to the foot of Black Cliff. In the 1970s the whole area was going to be developed for houses but this development was stopped by two women called Maud McBriar and Jean Minards.

Hallett Cove had many Aboriginal artefacts that were collected by the Museum of SA. It would be great to collect some further information about the Aboriginal history.

I hope that not only for Hallett Cove, but for all of the parks, that the Glenthorne Partnership will revitalise the area, help us to plan ahead and improve funding to undertake things like improving board walks, creating better access, getting rid of weeds and protecting remnant vegetation.”

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Bob will be hosting a geological tour as part of the next Glenthorne Action Team volunteer event at Hallett Cove Conservation Park on 1 March.

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