Meet Glenthorne Partnership member Alan Burns

The Glenthorne Partnership was created to provide important community insight, ideas and perspectives, and help make decisions to ensure the park meets community needs and expectations.

The group includes community members with connections to surrounding ‘Friends of Parks’ volunteer groups, the Kaurna community, the City of Marion, the local business association and local R-12 school.

Hear from Alan Burns about his connection to the creation of Glenthorne National Park:

“I am a CPA qualified accountant and I have a passion for the environment.

I devote my out of work hours to learning about and protecting my local open space, south of Adelaide.

I have been the Secretary/Treasurer of the Friends of Glenthorne Inc. since 2001 and have worked continuously to maintain the group in the hope that one day the property would be saved. I have been involved in the campaign to save the Glenthorne property since 1996, when Federal MP Susan Jeanes coordinated a community movement to fight the proposed housing plan.

I have tried over the years to learn about our local biodiversity, especially bird life, and have developed a good relationship with most of the other Friends groups in the southern suburbs.

I am the Membership Officer for Birds SA and am also a member of many local and national environmental groups. I enjoy field trips with Birds SA and bird watching is my passion.

Glenthorne National Park will be a precinct that South Australia will soon be extremely proud of. It offers an array of opportunities for visitors and my vision is to see 200 hectares of the Glenthorne property restored back to pristine wildlife habitat and later, the Field River Valley. I am also keen for younger South Australians to experience and learn about their unique local wildlife.”

Read about the other members of the Glenthorne Partnership on the Glenthorne website.

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