Meet Partnership Chairperson David Greenhough

Meet Partnership Chairperson David Greenhough

Each edi­tion, we’ll intro­duce you to one of the 13 mem­bers of the Glen­thorne Part­ner­ship who are help­ing to shape this new nation­al park.

The Glen­thorne Part­ner­ship was cre­at­ed to pro­vide impor­tant com­mu­ni­ty insight, ideas and per­spec­tives, and help make deci­sions to ensure the park meets com­mu­ni­ty needs and expectations.

The group includes com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers with con­nec­tions to sur­round­ing Friends of Parks’ vol­un­teer groups, the Kau­r­na com­mu­ni­ty, the City of Mar­i­on, the local busi­ness asso­ci­a­tion and local R‑12 school.

David Green­hough is the chair­per­son of the Glen­thorne Part­ner­ship. Read more about David and his con­nec­tion to the cre­ation of Glen­thorne Nation­al Park.

I have lived in Hal­lett Cove for more than 20 years and have an asso­ci­a­tion with the area that spans some 40 plus years’ he said.

I have been self-employed for more than 30 years run­ning var­i­ous busi­ness­es both in SA and inter­state. I retired on 1 August 2017. I have always had an inter­est in the envi­ron­ment and its reha­bil­i­ta­tion and reveg­e­ta­tion. Now that I am retired, I can devote more time to this passion.

I was invit­ed to chair the Glen­thorne Part­ner­ship by the Min­is­ter for Envi­ron­ment and Water, David Speirs. I was a found­ing mem­ber and inau­gur­al chair of the Friends of Low­er Field Riv­er so have been involved in the Glen­thorne Nation­al Park precinct for many years.

I feel that the cre­ation of Glen­thorne Nation­al Park and devel­op­ment of the greater Glen­thorne precinct will pro­vide valu­able open and recre­ation­al space as well as envi­ron­men­tal reha­bil­i­ta­tion for gen­er­a­tions to come. It will safe­guard what is an impor­tant asset in the south from future development.’

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