Glenthorne Partnership’s contribution celebrated at Parliament House

The Glenthorne Partnership Group has made a significant contribution toward the creation of Glenthorne. Read about the event which celebrated their efforts.

Members of the Glenthorne Partnership and staff from National Parks and Wildlife Service attended a celebratory dinner at Parliament House in June hosted by Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs.

The event acknowledged the partnership group’s significant and valuable contribution to the creation of Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta.

While the dinner marked the end of the Glenthorne Partnership’s active role in the project, members of the partnership will remain involved in relevant projects and activities as the creation of the park continues to unfold.

The partnership was integral in developing the important vision for Glenthorne and were heavily involved in the 2019 community open days which helped to shape the park’s master plan.

The Glenthorne Partnership was established in 2018 to provide important community insight, ideas and perspectives, and help make decisions to ensure the park met community needs and expectations.

The group included community members with connections to surrounding ‘Friends of Parks’ volunteer groups, the Kaurna community, the City of Marion, the local business association and local R to 12 school.

Read more about the Glenthorne Partnership and their connection to Glenthorne.

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