Glenthorne master plan finalised – what’s next?

Following extensive community consultation, the master plan for Glenthorne National Park has now been finalised. Find out what’s happening next.

The draft master plan for Glenthorne National Park was well received by the community, with the majority of feedback received at the open days and online indicating that people loved the plan.

Now the master plan has been finalised, you might be wondering what’s coming next.

The Glenthorne Partnership met in December to start planning the implementation of the park and identified 13 elements from the plan they would like to focus on.

These are:

  1. Site preparation and demolition
  2. Majors Road upgrade
  3. Vehicle access and parking
  4. Revegetation works
  5. Glenthorne Hub
  6. Heritage Precinct
  7. Picnic and nature play
  8. Pond Area
  9. Interpretation and Wayfinding
  10. Trail Network and lookouts
  11. Wetland and boardwalks
  12. Water Sensitive Urban Design
  13. Kaurna Ceremonial Space

To learn more check out the Glenthorne National Park Master Plan (pdf 9.5MB) or view some of the highlights .

The partnership will now work closely with the Department for Environment and Water to prioritise these elements and develop an implementation plan.

It’s expected that parts of the park will open in stages later this year.

Keep an eye on future editions of the e-news for updates on the park’s progress.

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