Glenthorne Action Team propagates plants for Glenthorne precinct

GAT volunteers have been busy over summer with a propagation event at Glenthorne and events in the Upper Field River. If you missed these events, check out our recap.

The Glenthorne Action Team closed 2019 with a propagation event at the Glenthorne property. Despite torrential rain, around 40 keen GAT volunteers gathered under marquees to learn how to propagate plants with Trees for Life Nursery Manager Brett Oates.

Attendees were able to take home the plants they’d propagated, with a view to planting these across the precinct during this year’s planting season.

There have also been a number of events held in the Upper Field River during the past few months which have included ‘come and try days’ where attendees learnt how they can become involved in the restoration of areas along the Upper Field River.

As part of these events the group have started to undertake bush care activities like weeding and olive removal, installed photo points to monitor progress, and learnt about the formation of a potential new Friends group.

If you’re interested in being involved, register now for the next GAT events.

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