Across the precinct – Hallett Cove Conservation Park

Across the precinct – Hallett Cove Conservation Park

The cre­ation of Glen­thorne Nation­al Park will see coor­di­nat­ed park plan­ning and man­age­ment across sev­er­al impor­tant parcels of land.

Hal­lett Cove Con­ser­va­tion Park is sit­u­at­ed about 22 kilo­me­tres from Ade­laide and about 10 min­utes by car from the Glen­thorne property.

The park draws in vis­i­tors from far and wide – with many stop­ping by to mar­vel at its unique geo­log­i­cal fea­tures which include the Black Cliffs, the Sug­ar Loaf and the Amphitheatre.

Hal­lett Cove’s inter­pre­ta­tive walk­ing trail is a great way to learn about the park’s cul­tur­al and geo­log­i­cal her­itage which dates back almost 280 mil­lion years.

Hot tip: if you’re vis­it­ing in sum­mer, the beach in front of the park is per­fect for snorkelling in rock pools. Head to the rocks around the base of Black Cliff and keep your eyes peeled for bis­cuit sea stars or sea urchins.

Why not join in the fun at the upcom­ing Glen­thorne Action Team event at Hal­lett Cove Con­ser­va­tion Park on March 1?

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